2006/2007 meetings/events.
. . 2006
Sept 2nd/3rd SSB Field Day. #
Sept 11th Open Evening.
Sept 25th Oscilloscopes - G4CYG.
Oct 9th APRS for Amateurs - G4PQB.
Oct 23rd Energy Efficiency at home-- why me? - G3TZM.
Nov 13th Surplus Equipment Sale - G4HJS.
Nov 27th The use of computers for radio amateurs:
V/UHF Coverage Prediction - G0CHO.
Getting Started with SD (logging) - G3VYE.
Dec 11th Test Equipment Evening - G0JUQ.
Dec 25th Christmas Greetings on Air @1030, 145.275Mhz. #.
. . 2007
Jan 8th Get Started with Aerials - G3MXH.
Jan 22nd Aerial Tuning & Matching - G3VYE.
Feb 12th Night On The Air.
Feb 26th Skittles & Buffet Evening - details TBA.
March 12th Test Equipment Evening - G0JUQ.
March 26th TBA
April 9th A Brief History of our Society - M3NDZ.
April 23rd A Cook Island Adventure - M3SDE.
May 14th AGM and Surplus Sale.
May 22nd Round Table Discussion.
June 2nd/3rd CW National Field Day Contest. Society participation TBA #
June 11th Fox Hunt (direction finding) - details TBA. #
June 25th BBQ & Night on the Air.
July 9th Surplus Equipment Sale.
July 23rd Construction Competition.

# indicates that the meeting/event may not be held at the Home Guard Club.

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