2004/2005 meetings/events  
. . 2004
Sept 4th/4th SSB/VHF Field Day - manager Terry, G3MXH. #click here for larger (180kb) image
Sept 13th Open Evening.
Sept 27nd Low Power Techniques. Ray Goff, G4FON.click here for larger (206kb) image
Oct 11th Contest Expedition Stations. Lee Volante, G0MTN
Oct 25th Quiz Night. Pat Moore, G3IKR.
Nov 8th Surplus Equipment Sale. John, G8HJS
Nov 22nd PSK 31 - Principles. John, G8SEQ.
Dec 13th Test Equipment Evening. John,G0JUQ.
Dec 25th Christmas Greetings on Air @1100, 145.275. #.
Dec 27th Festive Natter Night.
. . 2005
Jan 10th GSM Radio. Andy, G4EZT.
Jan 24th Team Challenge - TBA
Feb 14th Night On The Air - TBA.
Feb 28th Skittles & Buffet Evening - detail TBA.
March 14th Test Equipment Evening. John, G0JUQ.
March 28th Bank Holiday - Shack ONLY open.
April 11th Summits on the Air - Chris M0BQE.
April 23rd Shakespeares' birthday - special event station in SDRS shack.
April 25th Annual General Meeting followed by surplus sale.
May 9th CHANGED - TBA.
May 23rd Round Table Chat.
June 4th/5th CW National Field Day Contest. #
June 13th VHF/HF Fox Hunt. #
June 27th BBQ & Night on the Air.
July 11th Surplus Equipment Sale.
July 25th Construction Competition.

# indicates that the meeting/event may not be held at the Home Guard Club.

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