2002/2003 meetings/events 
. . 2002
Sept 7th/8th SSB/VHF Field Day - manager Terry G3MXH. Pictures/info #
Sept 9th Open Evening - host Terry G3MXH.
Sept 23rd RAYNET - Bill, G3TZM.
Oct 14th Night on the air - host Ron, G0MRH.
Oct 28th Digital TV - Steve , G6MMD.
Nov 11th DXing - Andy Brown, G4EZT.
Nov 25h Direction Finding Techniques- Geoff Foster, G8UKT.
Dec 9th Surplus Sale of Radio Shack Items - host John, G8HJS & Night on the Air - host Terry, G3MXH.
Dec 23th Festive Natter Night.
Dec 25th Christmas Greetings on Air @1100, 145.275. #.
. . 2003
Jan 13th Technical Hints and Wrinkles - Terry, G3MXH.
Jan 27th Dummy's Guide to operating Overseas,Ian Hopwood,G0EDT.
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Feb 10th The Build it! Team Challenge - host Terry, G3MXH.
Feb 24th The Digital Future - Geoff Foster, G8UKT.
March 10th Test Equipment. Get your Rig checked! - host Terry, G3MXH.
March 24th Skittles Evening & Buffet - TBA.
April 14th Film Night - TBA.
April 28th Annual General Meeting followed by surplus sale - host Terry, G3MXH.
May 12th AROS - Barry Scarisbrick
May 26th Club Maintenance Evening - Terry, G3MXH
May/June 31st/1st CW National Field Day - Terry, G3MXH. #
June 9th VHF Fox Hunt- Geoff, G4OHJ. #
June 23rd BBQ & Night on the Air - host M0AYA
July 14th Surplus Equipment Sale - host John, G8HJS
July 28th Construction Competition - host Terry, G3MXH
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