2001/2002 meetings/events
. . 2001
Sept 2nd/3rd SSB/VHF Field Day.
Sept 10th Open Evening / Surplus Equipment Sale.
Sept 24th HF DX-ing  - G3XTT, Don Field.
Oct 8th Visit to a Power Station.
Oct 22nd Interference – The Latest Legal Position -- Mike Bothma (RA).
Nov 12th Visit – Police HQ Comms Centre.
Nov 26th Experiences of a QSL Manager  - G3SWH, Phil Whitchurch.
Dec 10th Official Shack Opening & Building a Pocket Linear  - G3PJT, Bob Whelan (President elect RSGB). Pictures here.
Dec 24th Social Get Together at the Home Guard Club.
Dec 25th Christmas Greetings on Air @1100, 145.275.
. . 2002
Jan 14th Round Table, host G8HJS, John.*
Jan 28th Film Night, host G0REP, Tony.
Feb 11th The Build it Team Challenge, host G8HJS, John. 
Feb 25th Night on the Air – Club Shack, host G0MRH,Ron. Test Equipment inc.spectrum analyser - main room,  hosts G8HJS, John &  G 6FEO, Dave.
March 8th-17th The BA National Science Week (RSGB info web page ), club involement to be advised
March 11th Ask the Experts, host G3MXH, Terry.*
March 25th Annual Dinner (TBA).
April 8th APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) not GPRS as previously stated.*
April 18th World Amateur Radio day, club shack open in evening, host G0MRH, Ron.*
April 22nd Annual General Meeting followed by surplus sale, host G6FEO, Dave.
May 13th Maintenance Evening  -  G3MXH, Terry
May 27th CW Exploits by a Top DX-er -  G3SXW, Roger Western
June 1st/2nd CW National Field Day .
National Trust - station at Charlcote House - contact G0MRH,Ron*
June 10th VHF Foxhunt (direction finding competition).
June 24th BBQ and Night on the Air.
July 8th Surplus Equipment Sale, host G8HJS, John.
July 22nd Construction Competition/Contest judging, host G3MXH, Terry.
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