2000/2001 meetings/events
. . 2000
Sept 2nd/3rd SSB/VHF Field Day, contact G3MXH/M1EGX.
Sept 11th Surplus Equipment Sale.
Sept 25th New Structure of the RSGB by Bob Whelan.
Oct 9th Round Table Disscussion - Note this replaces Visit to PML
Oct 23rd Planning Permission by G4GJB.
Nov 13th Eddystone Radio by GØOGN.
Nov 27th Visit to EMC Lab at Bearley (G8BFF).
Dec 11th Team Challenge - Build a Crystal Oscillator.
Dec 25th Christmas Greetings on Air @1100, 145.275.
. . 2001
Jan 22th Round Table.
Feb 12th Film Night.
Feb 16th Annual Dinner 
Feb 26th Practical Wireless with (G3XFD)Rob Mannion.
March 12th DX-ing from Bhutan by Vincent Denecker.
March 26th Digital Modes Demonstration
April 9th Visit Fire & Rescue Service Comms Centre.
April 23th Annual General Meeting.
May 14th Ask the Experts.
June 11th VHF Foxhunt (direction finding competition).
June 25th BBQ and Night on the Air.
July 9th Surplus Equipment Sale.
July 21st & 22nd GB3CV - Compton Verney.
July 23th Construction Competition/Contest judging.
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